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Laugh a little | da Rita was here...

Oh sure make me laugh now because my cute face is about to be pushed into that nice big piece of watermelon ❤ Joy

Não importa quantos anos eu tenho, pulando nas poças de água e dançando na chuva vai sempre colocar um sorriso no meu rosto.

Photos of April Showers - Rain, Umbrellas, Boots, and More...

Rainy Day puddles April Showers Photos of Rain, Umbrellas, Boots .

Love it!I laughed when i saw this So Adorible !! Baby laughs are the best!!

Laughing so hard that your belly hurts is one of the greatest gifts in life! When you're planning your amazing wedding, don't forget to surround yourself with people who bring you joy!


Little Luisa jumping. Canon and Canon at ISO Time: (GN 33 flash) at power camera right with quarter CTO gel firing at a shoot-through umbrella feet away. Silver reflector at camera left.

Unadulterated love and happiness, I want to hug them.

Friendships, unconditional love ~ love you so much

Pure Joy

pure joy - jumping in the pool

Buho rosa.

Who cares anout the pattern, this baby is tooo cute Free Crochet Owl Hat Pattern. So cute - do you crochet or just knit?

so much fun.

Women Eating Lunch on Brick Wall - Stock Photos

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At last moment of your life no bad vibes surrounds you. Think every day of your life as your last day run in the rain

Summer comes to an end, but the joy of it forever remains. ;)

I remember doin this when I was little ;