Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978, American)

Norman Rockwell - Soaring Spirits

"Soaring Spirits" Grand Pal Series by Norman Rockwell art print

'Soda Jerk' (1953) by Norman Rockwell.  Soda Fountains are a thing of the past...except for a few 'retro' specialty places.  Hang outs for 50's teens. (My daughter was a "soda jerk" for a while. We have a place here in Indiana where they make them the old fashioned way.)

"Soda Jerk" Saturday Evening Post Cover, August Giclee Print by Norman Rockwell vintage art ads

I really like Norman Rockwell's art, but this isn't me at all. :) I pick up that baby, and hold him until he's calm again. They call me, "The Baby Whisperer.  Exasperated Nanny Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978, American)

Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978, American)

Child's Surprise by Norman Rockwell

Child's Surprise AP 1976 by Norman Rockwell, Limited Edition Print, Lithograph