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Legend of Zelda Facts

The Legend of Zelda Fast The Legend of Zelda Facts, Not Opinions, Facts! The Legend of Zelda Facts, Not Opinions, Facts! the legend of zelda fast

Wild said "Mww of syrtwp wtww NURN"

Wild said "Mww of syrtwp wtww NURN"<< I believe the artist translated it wrong? I think it's supposed to say "All of Hyrule will BURN" XD

Shhh.. Did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart breaking for 2p!England... The hetalia fandom either makes me either extremily sad or happy-- there is no inbetween!! #hetalia {http://ask-2p-england.tumblr.com}

this just broke my heart.<<<<*Hugging Arthur and beating Francis with a stick*<<<BABY NO! *helps hug Oliver and helps beat Vincent with the stick

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Goodbye Navi by Lethalityrush.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Goodbye Navi by Lethalityrush on deviantART. A beautiful headcanon on Navi and Link. This is soo sad. u Navi