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Un bagno di idratazione firmato Chanel | BeautyMarinaD

Un bagno di idratazione firmato Chanel | BeautyMarinaD

Datura Moon Flower - yes - but not in the Morning Glory family. A bush not a climbing vine. Also blooms at night.

Datura Moon Flower I love growing these beautiful flowers, they smell so wonderful. Night bloomers to help attract bats to your garden.

.Dahlias are my favorite flowers! I would love to have these and other flowers all over my place.

The Flower Bouquet Reception Vase doubles as a wedding reception centerpiece or a super cute bridesmaid gift.


Camellia ~ 'Freedom Bell' Like Roses, all Camellia have names: This one is a particularly stunning flower.


How to photograph early spring wildflowers in bright light by Mark S. Carlson, naturalist photographer - diffuse the light by covering the flower with a diffuser (umbrella perhaps?