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I like how she marks completed tasks. Instead of using a check mark, she fills in the bullet. This allows her to half fill in the boxes of tasks she has worked on, but not completed. I have been feeling a little demoralized by boxes remaining unchecked even though I've spent sometimes hours working on a task. I thought about returning to adding tasks back to the end of the list if I have done any kind of work on them at all, but that can get tedious. This might be a good compromise.

bullet journal system

Some neat bulletjournal ideas. Love the margin, both the look and the way you can note dates for future/migrated items. Also note GTD integration

Bullet journaling

Bullet Journal with built-in habit tracker. Excellent way to knock out tasks while chipping away at the big-picture goals.

10 tips for using a planner

10 tips for using a planner. Previous Pinner said "From what I see with the planner addicts, they do a lot of this wrong. One planner!

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Thinking about adding a housework tracker to my weekly spread.

Bullet journal weekly spreads are the centerpiece of most bullet journalists. Weeklies are a great way to put all your events & appointments all in one spot.

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Great-looking bullet journal page. Ample real estate for sudden additions and modifications of tasks, plus simple and achievable goals set for each day.