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Caliban ref Extremely Sad & Heartbreaking -- Facial scarification, West Africa

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Angstaanjagende foto's van de grootste gang van Nieuw-Zeeland | VICE | Netherlands

Angstaanjagende foto's van de grootste gang van Nieuw-Zeeland

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Ethiopian Portraits, Woman of the Mursi Tribe, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia -Jim Zuckerman

おばあちゃんがおばあちゃん操り人形を操ってリスにエサをあげています。 pic.twitter.com/W6SVe8blLv

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African Body Modification

Love this it's beautiful "Proud Primitives, the Nuba People" by Oskar and Horst Luz @ National Geographic November 1966 // "In the mountains of southern Sudan some 50 groups perpetuate distinctive dialects and customs, including whole- body scarification"

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♣Imágenes Graciosas, Parte #2

GOATS ON BICYCLES IN AFRICA~Interesting site of bicycle transportation & modifications in Africa.Ha, this is a goaty back, or a goat piggy back, lol!


Karo woman and her baby Ethiopia Korcho village, Karo tribe, South Ethiopia the most beautiful thing. a child and his mother. Such a beautiful picture.

beauty truly IS in the eyes of the beholder IMHO!!! my lip hurts now. FYI re comments this is NOT  meant  n a mean way just re it does look painful 2 me. This pin  of all my thousands is re pinned almost  every day. These boards  r as I say re  OTHER cultures, faiths & customs & 4 my enjoyment. If u don't  like don't  look & get over yourselves! I am not putting dwn anyone. I just find ALL these pins interesting n 1 way or another.

Suri Tribe Woman With An Enlarged Lip, Kibish, Omo Valley, Ethiopia Carries a door knocker with her as it gets stolen if left on her mud hut door ‼️


Face it, Americans, we'll never be this cool no matter what we ink. Maori new zealand tattoos


Wodaabe Women During the Gerewol Festivities (Nigerian African, Niger, Africa) -©Timothy Allen

Melanesia ~ New Britain | Tattoo 'embroidered' on the back of a native; body ornamentation obtained by scarification. Gasmata. 1930 - 1935 | ©Musée du quai Branly, photo Edmond Demaître.

Credit: Edmond Demaître /© musée du quai Branly An 'embroidered' tattoo on the back of a native of Gasmata, Papua New Guinea, circa These body ornamentations were produced by scarification

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Connections: Maori George Hare, Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie, Hawaii by Art Wolfe

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Scarification after it heals! Turned out nicely on her, although I wouldn't get scarification on my face, it seems as though it would take forever to heal runes