Ryan Gosling: love his acting. Impeccable, every time.

The many emotions of Ryan Gosling

Not food, but Feminist Ryan Gosling falls under the category of Utter Deliciousness nonetheless.

33 Ryan Gosling GIFs for His 33rd Birthday | Celebuzz

33 Ryan Gosling GIFs for His 33rd Birthday

/ When someone tells me they don't like pizza (ryan gossling,gif,crazy stupid love)

El wacho

Ryan Gosling at the “Lost River” photocall during the Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 20

Ryan Gosling wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo cardigan. #fashion

When Ryan Gosling decides to donate this Salvatore Ferragamo cardigan to his nearest consignment shop. I call first dibs.

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling

I didn't think biting a T-shirt could be sexy until I saw this picture. Thank you for proving me wrong Ryan Gosling.


20 Amazing (And Funny) Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Ryan Gosling - Stay at Home Mum

Ryan Gosling como ícono de la masculinidad y del "Ser Gentleman". Arquetipo del comportamiento masculino.

Ryan Gosling // Gangster Squad - something about the and men in suits, oosh

"Blue Valentine" photo call

Ryan Gosling Photos Photos: "Blue Valentine" photo call

Ryan Gosling Photos - "Blue Valentine" photo call at the Cannes Film Festival.

oh, babygoose. seriously adorbs with a slice of goofy.

Okay, okay, I couldn't help myself! There have been so many fun "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling photos circulating lately that I couldn't resist wo.