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Don't you get it?

Don't you get it

Wear your sunglasses at night. Coolest Dogs with the Coolest Dog Walker -

I don't own a pitbull but I do feel bad how some people judge them for what their owners make them do

Knew a pit like that, the sweetest animal you ever met. Sadly her owner's teenage son started 'taking care' of her and ruined her. It's not the dog, folks, it's the people.

I Asked For A Pon, The Fuck Is This ? - GiantGag

The 32 Funniest Baby Memes All in One Place

Hilarious picture of a baby girl pointing to a dog with captions: I asked for a pony, the F* is this

My dog has a pet rock. He doesn't bit it, just paws it around and hangs out with it. Only this rock. No other.

My dog has a pet rock. <--- well that is a really nice rock, I mean look at it. look at THAT rock, if you were going to have a pet rock, wouldn't you pick THAT one too? the dog has excellent taste.

Cute dog stung by a bee. While I'm laughing, I can't help feeling sad for the poor doggy. LOL (This happened to one of our cats once. He got stung by a wasp, and his face swelled up. He didn't look nearly as cute as this little guy, though!


People gave us Cady as pup said she was pit bull. @ 6 months, she may be half pit bull, but she is definitely weimeraner. Strong genes and obvious traits in this breed and sweet personality

aaawww, what good doggie grandparents!

Staying warm // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny too cute!

They just know when you're ditching them....

so sad. my doggies might try this the next time they see my suitcase out.


Tugs at my heart.please adopt shelter dogs and make them smile. I have three. They are the most, loving dogs. They know you saved them. Please don't buy dogs.Save them from shelters. This is sad. I'm glad I saved my 4 month old puppy max. its so sad.

Helping Animals Quotes | ... /uploads/2013/03/Quotes-about-animal-abuse-and-animal-rights.jpg

Is #ANIMAL #ABUSE a Powerful Predictor of #Sexual Assault?

Stop Animal Abuse! This is one thing that I do not tolerate! Makes me so sick to think that someone could hurt something so beautiful. All animals are special! I can't speak for myself, you are my voice. So let's speak up and stop animal abuse!

I know this is awful but I had to pin it because I honestly cannot stop laughing.

"I'm lost"

Funny pictures about Bio lab discovery. Oh, and cool pics about Bio lab discovery. Also, Bio lab discovery.

Awfully quiet dog!  His toungue gonna be sticking to the roof of his mouth for awhile.  Hee hee hee hee.

Hahaha, my dog loved the peanut butter jar as a pup! She could fit her whole head in the jar. Now we give her peanut butter in her Kong.~❤~ True with my dog