yes! I feel as though so much gets lost in translation from what someone's intentions are when they say something to what is perceived/heard

INTJ - Do you understand? It just has to do with perspective, we value many, and objectively look at each. We don't expect but only a few can keep on track with us, as we explore them and ask for input. verbally express

INTJ Quote - "Your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency" - I feel like saying this all the time! It's interesting that it is a quote for intj personality.

All of this is so natural to me

Texting is the worst thing invented for INTJ. Only of communication is word choice.

Perfect description of me.yes, I am an introvert.I usually do not speak first.I am not stuck up.I am not anti-social.I am just an introvert.

Freaks, Onions, and Paradoxes: Life as an INTJ Female - Living Unabridged

Freaks, Onions, and Paradoxes: Life as an INTJ Female

I am an INFJ - but I can relate a lil. Per pinner:INTJ approached from a frustrated point of view.hehe, I usuallyyyy have more tact than this INTJ, but seriously, do not hug me.

INTJ humor                                                                                                                                                      More

We didn't give you the shovel. We simply pointed out that you already had one in your hand.

omg yes. intjs & love.  hahahahaha

One of my favorite things. Normal approach is useless here

Not Telling Me Something Because You "didn't want to piss me off"

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This isn't totally me, as my mind wanders. A lot. But this is what the MBTI says I am.

Myers Briggs (MBTI) - The INTJ. A good overview at the link. So true for me - especially the authority bit