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If you listen closely you can hear my heart skip a beat

Ireon: My respectful babies ^^ Theyre the only groups that I love so Im really happy seeing them like that <3

when will the fan wars end smh << idk but exo-L's & army's should be friends<<I legit don’t understand what all the hate is about. Exo-L are pretty badass

There is a big difference but I love them all the same

There is a big difference but I love them all the same<<I am the hyung line. My mother is the maknae line. It's a hard life for a wannabe turtle.

Except Eric was the one who said no skirt not Jimin << https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHY5buYTu3c Watch this link and you'll see it was Eric

savage af huehuehue (think it's jimin's revenge on namjoon coz he got lots of jams)

Never mind tour guide Hobi can be my life guide

Bored rich son Kookie just looking to take some Insta-worthy photos (xD poor Hobi~)

i used to be like this... until sixth grade lmao since then i won't shut up

Jungkook is pretty quiet and somewhat shy so i can see why rm was surprised XD<<<--- You must be new to the fandom my dear, innocent friend. Jungkook is NOT 'quiet and somewhat shy' Just to clear that up for you.

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So what you're telling me is there is a possibility that my friend will buy me Jimin.

I'm Jungkook for both. I would buy stuff for them only if they are my best friend but they would have to pay me back, then for simple friends, I would be the 'other' Jungkook