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Full of desire lust and firery passion that's us. I wish you could see us through my eyes and feel the love we have for each other. My passionate desire to have every part of him, our soul intertwined were we can't pull apart.

This one made me tear-up!  I just had a dream about my Dad two nights ago!  I always say, "Dad came to visit me last night!" when I dream of him.  Two nights ago, we had the kids at Hersheypark when he "visited", and we all had a blast!

When someone appears in your dream, that person misses you.hmmmm wonder if its true, cuz I've been dreaming about this person a lot

Fuck It Memes

Fuck It Memes

So true. Always remember who your loyal friends are. The ones the stood by your side, because one day you may say something and they're going to be gone.

Yeah, that feeling sucks.

That feeling when you don't even know what the fuck you're feeling anymore. have felt that, but with you in my life . the light has come back and fuck do I feel

Wall design

I love you to the moon and back vinyl wall decal nursery or childs room quote on Etsy,.I'd consider this for a tattoo.


I'm not a backup plan and definitely not a second choice. When I look back on my life I need to keep this in mind.

Timings a bitch

Yeah tell me about it. When you both have strong careers ahead and no time to see each other, problems arise.chemistry is there, but timing sucks :(