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Be you, and be ok with it.

Remember to be YOU and only YOU! We are all different, but we all have something to offer in this world! Remember it is okay to be different and make mistakes along the way! Just don’t ever give up!

I'd change the word "waiting" to "living this good life" - when we settle, we just postpone dormant, yearning expectations - think long term about getting what you need and want. Get outta denial ;-)

While I'm waiting I will serve You. While I'm waiting I will worship. While I'm waiting I will not faint. I'll be running THE race. Even while I wait.

"Always know the difference between what you're getting and what you deserve" Quote

WBA DC - one person can impact someone's life forever, even in the smallest way

The only thing that really bums me out is thinking about all of the people that touched my world briefly that I'll probably never have anything to do with ever again. So true.

be nice to people

A few nice words can help a person more than you think. Some people need to learn to be kind. Kindness will makes you more beautiful then makeup!