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Having trouble getting me a gift? EASY. FOOD

Vous passez plus de temps à penser à de la bouffe que vous ne l'avez jamais fait à penser à un humain.

You spend more time thinking about food than you’ve ever spent thinking about a person. 24 Things Only Girls Who Are Constantly Hungry Will Understand

For my sisters in law! :)

I'd fight a bear for you. Not a grizzly. Or a brown bear. Or a panda. But maybe like a Care Bear? I'd fight one of those sonsabitches for you. That's fine, as long as Cal Bears count too, as not to be messed with =]

Thats why I don't wear hoodies and do messy buns. :/

Some people look cute when they dress comfy, I just look like a homeless man. A damn good homeless man ;

And off my Facebook and off my boards. I don't make you read anything. You do it in your own free will and I certainly don't threaten physical harm or degrade people like you and yours have and do.

"I know I'm a little bit crazy, and that's all part of my charm. If you don't like it, then get off my unicorn." FROM: Meandering Mind


Why do people say, 'grow some balls'? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding. - Betty White LOVE HER!

Deja Moo. Finally a name for what I feel at least 5 times a day IF I don't just keep quiet.

Should make Rob smile. Deja Moo -- When You Know You've Experienced This Bullshit Before Apparel by Samuel Sheats on Redbubble. Maybe you've already dreamed of purchasing this shirt. If so, don't fight the cosmos!

lmao - this is pretty accurate for the most part. I give a fuck about what's important to me.

I give a fuck. I give lot of fucks, actually. I am a prostitute of feelings )

Some days lol

SO TRUE! But the sad thing is that my life is boring and I realize how bad it is.

Keep your friends close...

wtf: Keep your friends close and your enemies in a ditch, because fuck that

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Job & Work quote & saying This so reminds me of a certain girly named Gracie. The quote Description This so reminds me of a certain girly named Gr

True :(

Sometimes, the amount of self-control it takes to not say what's on my mind is so immense, I need a nap afterward.

Forever alone

I'm an asshole. I'll admit it. Now, just love me for the perfect asshole I am!