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Container Gardening

One of our most popular posts, “Containers You Never Thought Of” (find it here) was just begging to be repeated, so we spent some time this week searching for even more unique garden container ideas.

Great ideas and tutorials for DIY birdfeeders. Fun projects and designs to feed the birds! http://blessmyweeds.com/handmade-bird-feeder-ideas-for-your-garden/?utm_content=bufferef126&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Handmade Bird Feeder Ideas for Your Garden

Great ideas for 10 homemade birdfeeders. Great ideas and tutorials for DIY birdfeeders. Fun projects and designs to feed the birds!

Looks easy!!

Budget-Friendly Ideas for Outdoor Rooms

building materials such as gravel, cinder blocks, and pressure-treated wood. Tile backboard and salvaged plywood, stained a soft blue and attached to a custom frame, give the tiny yard privacy. like the rocks with the stone


Puppy that will only stay calm in the car if you hold his paw. my heart is melting

I call this picture 'Garden Pond'. The picture contains a small pond with a wooden bridge and platform branching across it, that pond is surrounded by foliage and rock work, the wooden decking has two wooden chairs on top of it. This picture influences me because of how the trees reflect of the water and how the grass has so many different shades, providing a great visual effect

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Succulent Kissing Basket

Succulent Kissing Basket

"Planting a mix of hardy hens and chicks (Sempervivum sp.) in a hanging sphere allows you to enjoy them in a new way. Work from a wire form with soil, then press individual plants into holes no deeper than their roots.