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Me, as a Ravenclaw: *Immediately looks up every word rhyming with sarcasm*<<< Me, as a Slytherin: don't you dare. <<<Me, as a Hufflepuff: is still trying to think of a word that rhymes <<< Me, as a Sytherin: laughing as the word orgasm comes to mind

I'm a Ravenclaw, but this guy's right. It alway felt weird to categorise kids at such a young age.

I do know that, but that exact spirit is what makes us what we are, in my opinion. We stand together instead of separating and find good things in bad people. We're good at finding.

Hogwarts students listening to the rain

Hogwarts students listening to the rain<<<this is so funny, this literally happened to my friends and I, I'm a Slytherin my best friend is a Ravenclaw and we have a friend who is a Huffelpuff. And this is our relationship in a nutshell

Um. I’m Slytherin and not rich. I can’t buy you, but I’ll still own yo ass.

Slytherins should be: Having ambition & resourcefulness provides you with the keys to life & success in whatever you desire.

Lol. This made me laugh because it's so true

Um, they don't have light bulbs. So it would take 3 Ravenclaws. One to explain what a light bulb is after a ravenclaw took the light bulb and wiring apart and the last one to put the wires and light swich back together.

Gryffindor: me during Science test Slytherin: me during History test Hufflepuff: me literally never Ravenclaw: me during Math and Spanish

Slytherin would be the person who never seems to care in class but aces the exam OR they would stress themselves the fuck out while studying but waltz into the exam with the most confidence despite their fear that they're gonna fail

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This is accurate. My best friend is a Hufflepuff and every single one of this ones is truth>>>> Lol my bestie is a Slytherin and I'm Hufflepuff and this is pretty true!

I'm a Hufflepuff and I would never say that about Slytherin!

I know that you in your house might not say this (this is to non Slytherin people), but Slytherins really are hated on for no reason.

Though there are other reasons why  Hufflepuff and ravenclaw  would do it that is pretty on point

I’m a Ravenclaw, at Christmas I always try to do something cientific.It NEVER works.My hufflepuff cousin just stays there to set limits.Like the one time I Thought it would be a good idea to light fireworks.

When people don't understand Slytherins.

Had someone I thought was a friend accuse me of being fake because I was acting differently around another group of friends < I'm fairly sure that's just what people DO but sure

Except i dont really like cats....

Ravenclaw correction: i sassed the professor and lost 50 points for my house in one sentence. Hufflepuff correction: I was trying to help slytherin with their "cunning" plan, so I'm in detention too.