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Beautiful forts and palaces - Amber Fort in Jaipur, India. conservatory is located on the south side of the Amber Fort in Jaipur, India. The three windows are carved from stone with a repeating geometric pattern

Kerala, Wayanad, Ooty, Munnar

Lonely tree by Petr Popov - Tea Plantations ~ Kerala, India

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Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful YOU are.

Termini - Tony Karp, 2004…beautiful colors…  (via glowafter-deactivated20120813)

by Tony Karp (Yes, these are arches, not doors, but this photo beautifully expresses the many, many doors or arches that we go through in a lifetime.

Tradition printanière en Inde, Holly, fête du printemps et des couleurs. Version…

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Holi Festival India February/bucket list trip for sure ! Hindus and Sikh, in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka celebrate the main day of this incredibly fun religious festival by throwing colored powder and water at each other.

Mosque of Herat, Afghanistan.  what beautiful blue green tile

afgham: “ s-a-b-r: “ Mosque of Herat, Afghanistan. ” ” I fell in love with Islamic tile work when I first saw this building in Smithsonian Magazine many, many years ago.

Alhambra - Granada, Spain by Elton Menezes

La Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The Moors knew a thing or two about design. Especially geometric Necessary to maintain Islamic rules about non figurative art.

NASA released a satellite image of India from the evening of the festive holiday of Diwali, the celebration of lights

Earth Pictures ‏ NASA released a satellite image of India from the evening of the festive holiday of Diwali, the celebration of lights

Rotes Fort - Old Delhi, India

Reminiscent of other classic Indian architecture, The red sandstone walls of the massive Red Fort rise above of Old Delhi as a reminder of the magnificent power and pomp of past Emperors. Been there, beautiful

The Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) and fish, Amritsar, Punjab, India

Amritsar, Golden Temple - The holy lake has many hungry gold fish. Photo by Jan Abadschieff

ЛИЦА ДЕТЕЙ! Какой это замечательный, удивительный мир, в котором мы живем сегодня! Это всего лишь моя малая попытка охватить разнообразие многих групп людей, которые составляют народы мира. Нации и племена. Это малая возможность заглянуть в яркий, красочный, волшебный мир. Но иногда шокирующий жителей планеты. Пугающий не только взрослых, но и его самых маленьких сокровищ.

The little girl captured in this photograph is performing Bharat Natyam, a classic Indian dance form. I LOVE India. trained in this dancing for four years.

Buddhist Temple. Phnom Penh , South Cambodia.                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Buddhist temple located in fishing village on outskirts of Phnom Penh- Cambodia. Get lots of Great Posts at ➸ Make the World a Better Place

english window

Gothic arch and beautiful fall leaves. I want this blown up for my house!


"This is what I am going for with my design; the idea of light casting shadows of a beautiful pattern" This photo is just brilliant.