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We live in OH wine country... and ripening grapes really are the color of autumn!

We live in OH wine country. and ripening grapes really are the color of autumn!


2 million acres of vineyards in France, producing around 8 billion bottles of French Wine every year.

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Purple Grapes-The Healthiest Fruit Which Can Help You to Revitalize Cells,Repair Damage and Maintain Youthful Appearance!

Agriturismi: "farm-stays" Italy's best-kept accommodation secrets. Don't expect high-end amenities!

What Is... An Agriturismo?

All about the agriturismo in Italy -- what these farm-stays are, 3 big myths about them, and how they're where you'll find the best food, and views of the Italian countryside, around!

Italian grapes

Grape vines left to grow on their own may or may not develop an abundance of juicy grapes, but careful pruning of the vines will almost certainly produce the fruit you want. Trimming of grape vines st

.       ~The Gifts from the Vine.....and those colors.....wow  <3 ~

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