After their dinner, the Nenets put out their fire and soon it is as cold (though not as windy) inside the tchoum as outside.

Sebastião Salgado in Siberia - in pictures

Sebastião Salgado: Portraits of Nenets in their tchoums (found via Peonies and Polaroids)


Sebastião Salgado :: Himba woman in Orutanda, in a group composed of almost exclusively women, the men had gone far with the cattle herd in search of water and pasture. Namibia, 2005 Plus

Обычно женщины в деревне Зое используют красный плод орлеанового дерева (Bixa orellana), чтобы окрасить свои тела. Штат Пара, Бразилия. 2009. Фотография Себастио Сальгадо / Amazonas images

Sebastião Salgado spent eight years traveling the world to photograph humans, animals and nature in their native glory. See eight of his breathtaking images.

Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado

His Camera Takes Us To The World 'We Must PreserveA group of Waura Indians fish in the Puilanga Lake near their village in the Upper Xingu region of Brazil's Mato Grosso state.

We put the whole world on our children's shoulders only to play our adult games? That's what you'd call a fair reason? -- Vs. \ Sergio Larrain

Mapocho - Sergio Larrain - Magnum Photos Children living around the Mapocho river and sleeping under bridges. I can't stop imagining my own son.

Salgado: The Nenets’ diet is based on reindeer meat and fish

Sebastião Salgado in Siberia - in pictures

Siberia by Sebastião Salgado For his latest epic project, Genesis, photographer Sebastião Salgado spent eight years documenting parts of the world untainted by modern life. Here, he shares the images he took of the nomadic Nenets of northern Siberia

Deleitosa (Cáceres) 1951

deepitforest: “ Two Women Talking from W. Eugene Smith’s photo essay “Spanish Village” shot in Deleitosa - 1951 ”

La remota tribu de los awá | Fotografía | EL PAÍS  El hijo de Piraima, en brazos de su padre. En la comunidad awá, los progenitores permanecen muy cerca de sus pequeños.  SEBASTIÃO SALGADO (AMAZONAS IMAGES / CONTACTO)

La remota tribu de los awá