Personal space in Italy. What to know before you go.

There is nothing worse than a cultural misunderstanding, especially if it has the potential to ruin a trip. I find these incidents especially painful in Italy simply because they can so easily be avoided if you’re properly prepared. Every time I happen.

Top 10 Things to do and see in Florence, Italy

Top 10 Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Top 10 Things to do and see in Florence, Italy // did pretty much all of these! Oh how I love Florence.

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Piazza Navona, Rome

Top 10 Art And Culture Tours In Rome

Desde la ribera sur del Tamesis, el Puente Westminster, la Torre del Reloj del Parlamento o Elizabeth Tower, y enfrente, Portcullis House, inaugurada en 2001, que es utilizada como oficinas por los miembros del Parlmanento.

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The Westin | Venice

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy we were here! the inside of this church is beautiful! venice is an amazing place! would go back in a heartbeat