Bigfoot: The missing link? Reports of this large ape-like creature have existed for over a century. Some eyewitnesses report this beast as aggressive and deadly.

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the Elven Territories by ~DarianaLoki on deviantART--Perfect for anywhere in Mordalu

Leesil and his companions — his beloved Magiere, the sage Wynn, and their canine protector, Chap. they still face the perils of the Elven Territories, a. the Elven Territories

Maedhros was a Noldor prince and the eldest of the Sons of Fëanor. Maedhros was the first son to take the terrible Oath of Fëanor to recover the jewels.  The Oath took Maedhros, his father and his brothers to Middle-earth during the First Age where they established realms in exile, waged war against the armies of Morgoth, fought their own Elvish kind, and eventually brought ruin upon their House.

Reminds me of Alanna. Dawn knight by *anndr female knight on horseback, full plate armor, red hair