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16 Old-Fashioned Things '80s And '90s Girls Loved

16 Old-Fashioned Things '80s And '90s Girls Loved

Little House on the Prairie Season 1 DVD - Our fav video store is going out of business. We got the first four seasons of Little House We just finished Season

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poochie, poochie for girls! Only for girls not for boys, poochie. Poochie for girls.

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Juguetes elaborados con cartón

Oh mans, I loved the original wooden Fisher Price guys. I played for hours with those. My fave toy when I was 4 years old was the Fisher Price school bus.

I would dearly love to live like this for an off and on time. Trust me, I am NOT A CAMPER. This is as close as I will get to that, but great picture.

Christmas camping is so much fun. What a great excuse to get a little crazy with the camping lights. You know I love camping lights!

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Popples- I had this exact color popple along with a popples sleeping bag. I was also a popple for Halloween when I was about 3 or 4 years old.

Sweet Secrets. 1980s toys. I always wanted one but never got it. I'm still bummed about it!

I remember these toys. I remember collecting them. Now I think the only place you can find them is at swap meets or antique stores.

The secret to this multitiered flower arrangement is amazingly easy: Just set a vase inside a serving bowl and fill the bowl with floral foam. Lilacs make a beautiful centerpiece for a baby shower, but you could also use wisteria, lily of the valley, cherry blossoms, or any other cascading flower.

Simple Baby Shower Centerpieces

Lilacs are pretty. Our lilac centerpiece gets its height and visual drama with the help of a serving bowl from the kitchen or china cabinet. Set a vase inside the bowl, and then fill both vessels with billowing flowers.

Carbon copies (for one copy with the original)...seem so archaic now but did the job at the time, along with mimeograph machines (multiple copies that were a bit wet from the ink and needed to dry) i used to love the smell of freshly mimeoed school papers

Carbon Paper? What’s That?

Carbon Copy Paper - Thank God for my mother's story of incorrectly placing the carbon paper between the two sheets of typing paper.