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Balance by Toby Froud

Balance by Toby Froud Troll. I love Brian and Wendy Froud's creations. I guess this one is by their Son Toby. They have a wonderful vision of 'the Shadow Realm'


Love the long fingers! RavendarkCreations on Etsy created this expressive OOAK Knot-hole Fairy Goblin Wall Hanging.

goblin sitting froud - Google Search

Troll Maid by Wendy Froud, tall, featured in "Trolls" the book Keka❤❤❤

Goblin with Wings by Toby Froud or Wendy Froud

Goblin with Wings by Toby Froud This looks like something out of Labyrinth (that's because the Froud family designed Labyrinth)

"Cern-nu-noh-o-o-os.... Stag Hunter and Horned One, Join Us Now! Cer-nu-noh-o-o-os... Greenwood Lord of seed and need, Join Us Now! Cern-nu-noh-o-o-os... Herne and Pan in every man, Join Us Now!"

The Greenman Cernunnos/Herne the Hunter.Cernunnos is a Horned God Found in Celtic Mythology. He is Connected with Male Animals, Particularly the Stag in Rut which has Led Him to be Associated with Fertility.By Artist Unknown.