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nrg-5-alimento-compresso-d-emergenza.jpg (300×300)

nrg-5-alimento-compresso-d-emergenza.jpg (300×300)

Long Term Food Storage—-Done Cheaply!   112 Recs     I am a *prepper*. I am not anticipating an alien invasion, zombie apocalypse or a giant EMP weapon to strike in the blink of an eye and wipe out civilization and send us all back to the Dark Ages. (However, I am pretty much prepped for all three of those scenarios, lol!)  I prep for hard economic times, to stay on budget, to have a *cushion* in case an unexpected emergency expense crops up and just because it makes good sense.  Now, most…

Easy long-term food storage for a variety of staples: rice, beans, grains. Buy in bulk, store in clean empty bottles and use what you need as you need it! They are water and air tight and keep bugs out! 1 and 2 liter sizes are great for trading too!

Last cupcake standing.... zombie cupcakes!

Funny pictures about Zombie cupcakes. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie cupcakes. Also, Zombie cupcakes.

10 Houses and Bunkers that Will Get You Through The Apocalypse. #Surviveapocalypse #Urbansurvivalsite #Bunkersforsurvival

10 Houses & Bunkers That Will Get You Through The Apocalypse

10 Houses and Bunkers that Will Get You Through The Apocalypse. #Surviveapocalypse #Urbansurvivalsite #Bunkersforsurvival

A well stocked pantry saves trips to the store, can be a hedge against inflation and a lifesaver in an emergency! Emergency Pantry by disasterandemergencysurvival.com: Nuts, Granola, Oatmeal, Rice, Dried Potatoes, Dried Soups and Pastas. Dried Beans, Wheat, Dried Meats, Canned Fruits, Dried Fruits. Crackers, Granola Bars, Dry Cereals, Peanut Butter, Dried milk, Powdered Juices.

Prepare Your Family for Disaster~Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, the coming Economic Crisis ~