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wholock sherlock tardis

Cumberbatch and the TARDIS

Benedict Cumberbatch would make a good Doctor, but I like Sherlock too much to actually be the Doctor --I love the crossover, but yeah. Benedict Cumberbatch needs to stay Sherlock.

OMGOMGOMGOMG YES OMGOMGOMG Guys what what what what if Sherlock faked his death so he could go on a magical adventure with the Doctor??!?!?!?!!?!!?

because waffles have mothers.is that a tardis in the background!

Tee-hee. That would have been sooooooooo awesome to stick Ten and Sherlock together. Don't think they would have gotten along. Which would have made it even more awesome.

I'd pay money for this… WhoLock<< defiantly. I love the look on Sherlocks face and can only imagine the one on the Doctors. Ya that would be awesome.

Easy go with the docotor because you can travel back in time and then you could become sherlocks blogger

I pick. I pick. I pick. After all, Sherlock can solve all the murders he wants while traveling through time and space.

1st time 10th doctor says it

Well this is the first time ten has said it nine said it in episode four--and the fourth doctor

Ten quoted Mary Poppins

Ten quoted Mary Poppins

Stephen Moffat and Russell T Davis mind-melding. (Sherlock "His Last Vow" & Doctor Who "The Empty Child")

No but when I saw this part in Sherlock I thought the exact se thing!(meaning the Doctor Who thing)

Lol! Now I'm getting a craving for some kind of drunk Sherlock and Doctor crackfic. Weird huh?!


I literally can't stop laughing! Doctor Who and Sherlock (Wholock) funny

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