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Pauw - papier

Collage/ texture painting /contrast/repetition From The Evans Art House - Jenna L's Awesome Art.

Artsonia Art Gallery :: Deep Blue Sea Monochromatic Paintings

Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Deep Blue Sea Monochromatic Paintings Could do mermaids, Sea Turtle portraits with tints and shades

I like this monochromatic scheme. Choose a colour and demonstrate how to make shades or tints of one colour. All you need is white and one colour. The landscapes are simple. If you choose this project let me know we can get you individual canvases that will be sold as one complete artwork. Two to three students can work on one panel.

Grand Tour - Vertical ceramic tile wall art Mural from JasonMessingerArt: (think paintings.value study, whole class project)

Snowmen - LOVE how these turn out....

It's a nice colored pencil/ shading/ teaching value lesson. Medium blue construction paper is used for background, and color is added with a darker shade of blue for the shadow side and white for the lit side.