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"It's okay, let me handle this, you don't have to kill her..." – Imgend - Click for qMore...

How did Duge know that I wanted a Maine Coon cat and pin this pic?

Sweet Kittens

What a super cute pair of kittens – and there’s almost that heart shaped thing going on too.


ever been patted by a cats paw (often in the night or early hours) . I love the feel of a cat's paw in the morning.

My cats love to hunt even though I feed them plenty.

Animal Tracks: April 25 - May 2

Knock, knock A cat attempts to catch a small songbird inside a birdhouse on a farm near Roseburg, Ore. The bird escaped from the cat this time.

This is a Wise cat who loves puzzle toys, learning tricks, And playing draw. He isn’t as outspoken as some breeds, but he conveys his joy using chirps, clicks and trills, as well as the standard purr and meow.

5 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

The Somali is an energetic cat that loves to leap as well as play. In spite of that, she is a very easy cat to have in your home. Somalis enjoy individuals and also other animals.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Somali Cat Breed