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It was never meant to mean anything. She just wanted a taste  of his lips on hers. Those lips which always had that shit eating grin and showcased his sweet smile. On her behalf, she had never expected to feel a spark, one which lit a fire in the pit of her stomach. To say it scarred her was a gross understatement. She had just kissed him, chat her partner on the lips. Of course he had been sleeping but still. She cursed herself, how did she always find herself in trouble, as usual, tangled…

Well done kitty is the best most beautiful thing ladybug says to chat and I'm pretty sure chat can say the same thing

Miraculous ladybag x Chat noir/ The feels... <3/// This would be my favorite.

Miraculous ladybag x Chat noir/ The feels. This should totally be how they learn each other's hidden identities fyi writers of the show.

Alya's looks so concerned and I may or may not be like Marinette...

Se parece a mi Marinette obsessed with Adrien (Miraculous Ladybug)

i imagine Marinette to be very flexable XD

i imagine Marinette to be very flexable XD XD oui oui baguette

Anime School Bag Backpack

Anime School Bag Backpack

Miraculous 3D and PV

I personally like the anime chat noir better! I've the outfit and hair of that chat noir (but not Felix)

Happy Birthday by Clovercard.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt<I read a fan fiction that went exactly like this

Oh Alya, one of the many reason we love u is cause u ship Adrienette!