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Could your survive Doomsday?   We all throw around the phrase Doomsday in a joking manner, but if push came to shove, could you survive such dire times?

If You Had To, Could You Survive Doomsday? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Build a Fire in the Rain | Survival Prepping Ideas, Survival Gear, Skills & Emergency Preparedness Tips by Survival Life at http://survivallife.com/2014/06/10/disaster-preparedness-camping-in-the-rain/

The Benefits of Camping In The Rain

How to Build a Fire in the Rain: Survival Prepping Ideas, Survival Gear, Skills & Emergency Preparedness Tips.

The Many Uses for Cattails | How a Common Plant Can Be a Terrific Survival Resource by Survival Life at http://survivallife.com/2016/01/22/uses-for-cattails/

Cattails Survival Uses

Surprisingly enough, cattails can be a great survival resource. Learn how to use cattails for survival with this article and infographic.

Make Water Drinkable | Why and How to Purify Water | Survival Skills, Tips And Tricks by Survival Life at http://survivallife.com/2016/01/19/make-water-drinkable/

How to Make Water Drinkable

Survival Garden

10 Survival Foods You Need to be Growing

www.uberprepared.com - Uncover lots more amazing survival gadgets, tools, tips and guides to really help you survive!

The Survival Rule of Three

The Survival Rule of Three The very core of survival can be remembered very easily. If you can remember "The Survival Rule of Three", it may save your life in a SHTF situation.

I definitely want a panic room in my house. I want my children's room and my room to be connected to a secret hallway that leads to it. It must be equipped with a phone, food, weapons, security cameras and clothes.

Infographic: How To Build a Panic Room

How To Build A Panic Room Prepping – Homesteading and Prepping – Doomsday Preppers

Survival Rules of Three (without synergy and subsets) this is a good quick glance

Survival Rules of Three - You know your characters are going to be in peril physically sometime. make sure you do it right or dont ignore issues right in front of you.

The Bug Out Bag Essentials Info-Graphic Infographic

The Bug Out Bag Essentials Info-Graphic. This is a good and simple guide to start your prepping. - Tap The Link Now To Find Gadgets for Survival and Outdoor Camping

Nine Foods that last forever

9 Foods That Last Forever - honey - salt - cornstarch - rice - white vinegar - sugar - hard liquor - maple syrup

Hobo symbols

Hobo Symbols: Dating back to the Depression, when many people were homeless and on the move, this code of signs were used be Hobos to communicate good spots to stay & places to avoid. "Here is the place!


Unexpected Urban Survival Tools

How To Use Your Cell Phone as a Survival Tool AKA How to Upcycle Your Broken Mobile Phone Parts into Survival Tools

More zombie survival tips! Be ready for that next flesh-eating outbreak with this handy guide.

More Zombie Survival Tips Be Ready For That Next Flesh Eating Outbreak With This Handy Guide Zombies

Survival Tips from Earthquake

Survival Tips from Earthquake Earthquake survival is one of the most difficult natural disasters to prepare for. The difficulty is in the fact that a tremor can happen anywhere and at anytime. Below infographic shows the safety measures which need take du