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"Napalm Girl" — Then The Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph, "The Terror of War" shows Phan Thị Kim Phúc running naked down the road after being severely burned during a South Vietnamese attack. The photo was taken in Trang Brang by Nick Ut on June 8, 1972. Ut saved Phúc's life, rushing her to the nearest hospital and demanding treatment after flashing his American press credentials. "Napalm Girl" — Now Kim Phuc is now 51 years old. As a teenager, Phuc was accepted into medical school but was…

"In June Kim Phuc was pictured in a world-famous and iconic photograph from the Vietnam War. She was the naked child who was horribly burned with napalm and was running from an airborne attack. Since then, Kim has found a way to transform her sufferi

Nick Ut de AP cambio el curso de la opinion publica sobre el conflicto en Vietnam con su imagen de la pequeña Kim Phuc corriendo despavorida con la piel deshecha tras un ataque americano con Napalm. El propio fotografo se encargo de llevar a la pequeña al hospital.

Vietnam War photographer Nick Ut reflects on iconic image 40 years later

Robert Frank

"Trolley - New Orleans", by Robert Frank. This photo is part of a series called "The Americans". Everyone in this picture has a different facial expression and seems to be on a different journey.

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