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Monanthes polyphylla → Plant characteristics and more photos at: http://www.worldofsucculents.com/?p=5805

Monanthes polyphylla is a small growing succulent plant, up to inches cm) tall, with small many-leaved rosettes.

Opuntia Microdasys

Opuntia microdasys, also known as the bunny ear cactus or angel’s wings, is a small cousin of the more commonly known prickly pear cactus.

Anacampseros Lanceolata

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Sempervivum Borissi (S-1088) Simply Succulents

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Epithelantha micromeris Crest - Via fb page کاکتوس کده

Boban Stankovic shared this photo of the fabulous world of cacti. A crested epithelantha aged sooo.