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Quantico tumblr #quantico #shaleb #calebhaas #shelbywyatt #alexparrish #ryanbooth #ralex #eliasharper #simonasher

Quantico tumblr #quantico #shaleb #calebhaas #shelbywyatt #alexparrish #ryanbooth #ralex #eliasharper #simonasher

Always be kind to everyone that you meet and tell your loved ones that you love them daily.

Her heart stopped that Wednesday morning. And that was the only time people ever told her that they loved her, and misses her, and needed her. And maybe if they would have told her that when she was alive and needed it that she would still be there

Narcissa had a good heart, and so did Draco, and while she didn't want to betray her husband, she believed in Harry, b/c he saved her son.

Despite the negativity that surrounds the Malfoys, I think JKR used them to show that love prevails.

The Winchesters are always there to save the day

f*ck. first real painting of the Devil is called The Winchester Psalter.<<<There is a city called Winchester and it's a city Kings and Priests

Funny tumblr post

May or may not have reposted that because I find the last guy 'vaguely' attractive. And that may possibly be just because he knows stuff about Dr.

And now that we have finished season 9 <----- I'm from the future. Now we're on season 12, going on 13

Best..show..ever... (+ Friends)

My biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself.

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This week's wisom is just a little gentle reminder – people usually don't need you to save them. They just need love. And I don't think it's just me. ( right? ) The best way to help people is usually to show them that you care. Listen. Try ...

Love Changes Everything

You cannot save people. You can just love them. I must remember this.

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