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chagalov: “ Gaston Paris, Merry-go-round [Self-Portrait], Paris, from the guardian ”

Whether you know someone who wants to get into food photography or you want to help someone upgrade their equipment, we've got plenty of recommendations including point-and-shoot cameras, DSLRs, lighting equipment, books, and more.

Gift Guide: For the Aspiring Food Photographer

Shoot Hazy and Ethereal Photos Using a Sandwich Bag and Colored Markers || Photographer Jesse David McGrady has a super simple trick for adding a hazy, ethereal effect to your photographs: wrap a plastic sandwich bag around your lens.

Shoot Hazy and Ethereal Photos Using a Sandwich Bag and Colored Markers

This not only is part of Equipment but it is also a Technique. Its also used to protect the camera as well. Photography tip - glowing light using a plastic bag around the lens

A hat etiquette guide. Let's bring back the fashionable hat, ladies! (However, I take umbrage with one rule: ALWAYS remove your hat during the national anthem, no matter what type it is. Your gender does not excuse you from showing proper respect for our flag and customs.)

A hat etiquette guide. Remind the men in your life to show proper respect for our flag by removing his hat when our flag is presented in public.

5 Incredible Child Photographers Who Took It To The Next Level

Lee's daughters are very creative most of ideas for photography was given by them kristin and kayla.

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Escher inspired reflection self-portraits - Turn this into a comp 1 project with this question: What background and round object will your students choose to represent themselves & which reflective object would they use?

Google Mad

Google Mad

Looking Down by photographer Bryon Darby