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Lol is it sad that they look prettier than me?? And I'm actually a girl.

About the strangest thing you'll see with boy bands involved.

so true Kendall and James were offered their own solo careers but refused for the sake of their rushers!

I love when the guys say things that i can quote b/c i love 2 quote things

These guys are growing up so fast! It's amazing how fast they changed since they looked like that! I love them. James is my favorite <3

Big Time Rush Going to see these pretty boys tomorrow night with my pre teen daughters

Proud is the only word that describes my feelings right now.

Big Time Albums and Big Time Singles.

Big Time Rush :)) - big-time-rush Photo

Wallpaper and background photos of Big Time Rush :)) for fans of Big Time Rush images.

My boys <3 Oh how they've grown...

Big Time Rush though the years 😇😇😇

:'D I am both crying and dying at the same time. #rushersmultitask lol

:'Ddifferent style different order they are so cool