The creepiest clown EVER on AHS Freskshow *shivers* Where are the Winchesters when you need them?!

Some American Horror Story fanart, Twisty the clown, mixed media, I used watercolours then lineart and digital corrections. AHS: Twisty the clown


Photo: Who Is The 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Killer Clown, and Why Is He Kidnapping Kids? 4 Possible Theories

Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story, Freak Show...« Halloween Ideas THAT is freakalicous.  crEEEEEpy!!

AHS: DIY Twisty the Clown Makeup FX Ideas for Halloween

clowns are delightful! AHS Freak Show

American Horror Story: Freak Show! The words in the picture is what a lady says because her daughter is afraid of clowns. The woman says this and a few seconds later, we see "Twisty The Clown" standing behind them, as shown in the photo.

Two pierrots in a studio was "found" by and is in the collection of  LovedayLemon

Vintage photo of two clowns in New York City. This is why some people are afraid of clowns. Two pierrots in a studio by lovedaylemon

Twisty the Clown - AHS: Freak Show by chuckhodi

Print - Twisty the Clown - American Horror Story John Carrol Lynch Dark Art Halloween Freak Show Circus Sideshow Serial Killer Clowns

A collection of GIFs that will leave you sleeping with the lights on tonight.  A mix of the creepy japanese ice cream commercial and the marionette from fnaf

16 frightening GIFs that will creep you out of your skin

These American Horror Story: Freak Show Clown Promos Are the Best/Worst Things

This may be my new Halloween rubber mask

Creepy Clown Latex Mask - Clowns are creepy on almost any day, but they are especially creepy on Halloween. Be a clown gone bad in this tragically deranged latex rubber Creepy

Circus Nightmare Photography: ‘Psycho Clowns & Baby Dolls' Will Give You Bad Dreams

Lol old clowns.

Bring home the comedy and tragedy of clowns with this refrigerator magnet. This is a vintage image of happy and sad clowns with a hint of creepy. This will be a great addition to your magnet collection or a great gift!