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polar hues. It seemed strange to see the golden yellow strip with the other color strips. But then I looked at the penguins and remembered that it was this particular color combination that enamoured me about the penguins. I would like to do this color scheme for a room and see what what it would be like. It depends on what are the primary colors & which are the pops of colors.

This blue/violet colour palette comes to life with the yellow/yellow orange colourings on the penguin. It is a good example of how a very muted, plain colour scheme can be brought to life with the addition of the right colour.


GOLD is making a comeback! Using gold accent. I really like the way gold is incorporated into each of these color combinations. gives each a totally different feel!

I am planning to do some painting this weekend, revamp the kids toy room and repair a few holes in walls which means a…

{Inspiration} Beautiful colour combinations


lemony sweet: Walls are gray, then I have 1 accent wall light yellow and all oe my kitchen decor is the the aqua. I have all of the stuff on top of my cabinets for decor is aqua, along with utensil holder and spoon rest. I love it:)

or this for the livingroom. slate grey/blue colored walls with the lighter blue accents paired with the aqua colored details. AHHH serenity...

LOVE Teal, gray and chocolates. : this is a great way to,help you choose a color palate for at least the living room and dining room. This goes with our teal contrasts, mocha living room, and soon-to-be grey kitchen! Good color palate for the whole house

Schemes for lounge

beige walls, white windows and baseboards, I like the idea of a deep teal accent wall in the living room with yellow and coral accents. Couch either tan or dark brown. Accent wall in kitchen a lighter teal. Use red and coral accents in the kitchen.

Great site for color combinations! http://www.design-seeds.com/

How about using bird feather colors as a guide for how to dress? The bird color palette is fool-proof!