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simen johan

Picture of a constructed image of a buffalo sitting in what looks like a desert of ash. Simen Johan creates life-like Photoshop art from his nature photography.

What a fantastic shot! Taken by Morkel Erasmus in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Africa Leopard ascent photographed at Kruger National Park, South Africa © Morkel Erasmus

Just another day in Kenya's bush

For our Africa trip we visited South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, and Morocco and had many adventures we will always remember.

2. Black Rhino

2. Black Rhino

Another Record Year For Rhino Slayings After More Than 1,000 Killed In 2014

Another Record Year For Rhino Slayings After More Than Killed In 2014

Spirit Buffalo

Blizzard, a White Buffalo / Bison was born in June 2005 in the US. The birth of a White Buffalo is a rare event. Due to the remarkable appearance and rarity over the centuries, a White Buffalo became a powerful spirit in First Nation's plain cultures.

Orangutan share most of our genetic heritage, along with our capacity for friendship, anxiety, jealousy and love. Orangutans might be fuzzy jungle-dwellers, but in the ways that matter, they’re human — and in danger of dying out.

A Human-Like Race Is Going Extinct

He looks completely relaxed as he captures the interesting family scene at the Russian wildlife reserve

So long as I don’t make a sound, those bears will never know I’m here… Photographer sets up tripod and camouflage gear - unaware there is a giant bear right behind him

Giant Male Bear behind the photographer while photographing Female Bear with 3 cubs