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Sally Owens (Sandra Bullock) - 'Practical Magic' Bullock plays one of two sisters (the other played by Nicole Kidman) who are burdened with an awful curse.

Practical magic Sally outfits

SANDRA BULLOCK’s STYLE in Practical Magic dir. Griffin Dunne) natural makeup and flowy hair, jeans and cotton lace tops, lots of floral printed slip dresses with cardigans.

Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic

” In the 1998 film Practical Magic, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play very close, but very different sisters that share the same secret &…

Sandra Bullock.

Disney's 'The Proposal' Photoshoot with Sandra Bullock + Ryan Reynolds. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Sandra Bullock&Ryan Reynolds The Proposal' Photoshoot for fans of Sandra Bullock images.

*dream job - mixing and selling tinctures :)

Sally Owens ( Sandra Bullock ) takes a coffee break in this cute cream and olive dress and matching cardigan "Practical Magic", 1998

Gary: So what kind of, uh... craft do you do? Sally: I manufacture bath oils and soaps... hand lotions... shampoo. And the Aunts, um... they like to meddle in people's love lives.

‘On The Set’ Design: “Practical Magic”

Practical Magic parlor 1

Practical Magic: A Victorian House Fit for a Witch

practical magic Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, director Griffin Dunne, and Sandra Bullock between takes on the set of "Practical Magic", 1998

Net Photo: Nicole Kidman as Gillian in Warner Brothers' Practical Magic - Nicole Kidman as Gillian in Warner Brothers' Practical Magic - 1998 Image ID: . Pic of Practical Magic - Latest Practical Magic Image.


Effortlessly beautiful and always smiling 👍🏻 my hero Sandra Bullock

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Nicole Kidman poses - ever so coolly - for the camera in Verbena Botanicals.