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Arm tattoo, line work,  red ink, black ink, splatter, detail, circle, design, intricate design

"one of my all time favorites, made by Xoil, needles side tattoo" from Tattoos xoil france

Black and red geometric sleeve tattoo

Geometric tattoo, cant keep my eyes off you 35 of the most intricate and mesmerizing tattoo designs ive ever seen

Find what you love, and let it kill you. - Charles Bukowski

"Find what you love and let it kill you" by Lu Pariselli. Trash Polka inspired tattoos allow creativity to lettering. I would do the quote with the inkwell and quill tattoo!

From blog by Vee Mallie

Pretty sure I just saw that main flower design in another tattoo. Paisley and floral arm tattoo

2015/03/16 - tattoo by Victor J Webster

LOVE the idea of dotted movement and flowers. This would be a lovely way to add something to my upper arm above my Luther Rose.