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rowanandaelin:  manonxblackbeakheir:  A Court of Mist and Fury new chracter, Amren, as seen on SJM’s Pin Board xx  I was curious about her too! All of SJM’s pins of her show her features to be almost the same as rhys’, so… sister? Twin??? Or is it always night and that explains why their hair is dark and their skin is pale and so in that way everyone in the night court looks the same? Either way, idk why but the idea of Rhys having sibling/s is just so adorable lol

beautifulbizarremagazine: “ I am so in love with Mélanie Delon’s digital paintings!

Hella excited for this book! Especially more NESSIAN time

Hella excited for this book! Especially more NESSIAN time and Amren's true form!

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But really, they'll meet under terrible circumstances - A court of mist and fury by Sarah J mass

I almost cried when Rhys showed up

'ACOTAR' ('ACOWAR') Typos in this transcription aside, I agree; I happened to be standing while reading this and my knees indeed buckled at this scene.

Hahaha Amren so savage

A Court of mist and fury, Sarah J mass. But imagine someone saying never have I ever kept who my mate was a secret and Rhys drinks but so does Cassian

Oh my gosh I can see this LOL

LOL I literally died reading this! You know what they say about an Illyrian's wingspan.

Feyre is the ONLY person who even jokingly insults Ryhs! Funny thing is she is so comfortable around Ryhs that she isn't scared of him like everyone else! Oh...and...yup I'm crying again!

A court of mist and fury- Sarah J Maas >>> Az covering his laughter is my FAV