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Eren,16 anni,si trasferisce nella sua nuova scuola, da Okinawa a Toky… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad


I need this to be an episode, an OVA, fanmade, I don't care, but I need it.


Imágenes Ereri/ Riren - ✨19✨

Read from the story Imágenes Ereri/ Riren by myfernajerosa (✨LaLocaDelYaoi✨) with 204 reads.


Lena_レナ/ picWith permission to repost and translate, do not reprint without artist permission[please do not remove source]

Saying "You too" to the waiter...

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Such beautiful quote, but why they have to die so tragically. Poor Levi, why his squad, why Petra...

The feels. I cried when Petra died, basically when the Levi squad died, IM GETTING TEARY EYED I GTG Also when characters that usually show no emotion SHOW emotion, you know the pain they are feeling HURTS

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki

yeah i finished reading Tokyo ghoul and wahh i just. KYA so badass Kaneki. This was for a friend but i just like it so here is a chibi sketch of white h.