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"Where's my sister?" by Minuiko <--- NO NO NO! My emotions!!! <----- It's cute... But sad. I just wanna HUG him to DEATH! Nico di Angelo, everybody.

"Where's my sister?" by Minuiko <--- NO NO NO! I just wanna HUG him to DEATH! Nico di Angelo, everybody. <--- You can't hug him to death, he IS death!

Jason's glasses

While Luke is this mysterious, unpredictable, charismatic villain Jason Grace is just a giant dork and I feel so fond of him

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Solangelo Headcanons<~~ I'm squealing like a demented pig these are soooo cute! <--- Death Boy top is my favourite (and Jason shipping them)

I wish The Trials Of Apollo had more solangelo

i was really disappointed tho when the dark prophecy had absolutely NO. but emmie and jo were really cute tho

That's rough, buddy.: Photo

AU where Nico is the Son of Pluto instead of Hades and grows up as a legionary in Camp Jupiter and develops a crush on his praetor and commanding officer… I’M GONNA CRY

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Jasico part 8 BTW. Nico is blind in this comic. That's why he is surprised when Jason calls him good looking, and it's why he feels Jason's face with his hands.

Hold my Sword by Ashe1313 on deviantART

And now imagine changing role, I mean for example Nico want to go flirt with Will and he is like " Take my sword, I don't need it to hunt this sunny boy' and she drop it bc it's stygian iron.

The children of the Underworld; Nico di Angelo and Hazel Levesque

percy jackson pjo rick riordan Nico di Angelo Hazel Levesque son of neptune HoO the good looks of a roman god good lord