Val Britton is incorporating cut paper now too! Sister Ship by Val Britton - Ink, watercolor, collage, and hand cut paper h x w 2013

Different materials used to create texture

"our ongoing excavation" by Val Britton - 2006 Ink, pencil, collage and cut-out on paper

ABSTRACT ART RGCIV122011No18 EOC1  Distilled by CarrotStudio

It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy- This abstract piece utilizes yellow to its maximum potential.

So What? - Autographed In original by Author Recommended for gift!  PRINT OF Original Ink Drawing and Mixed Media Collage Signed by the artist AUTHOR OF ARTWORK: Emanuel M. Ologeanu (European Artist, born 1982) Signed and dated on back Available size(paper or canvas): between 8.3 x 11.7 and 33.1 x 46 inches  In my opinion looks much better in reality than in the picture. PAYMENT: PayPal  SHIPPING: International Shipping accepted. Will be sent as registered letter in a cardboard folder…

Print Art canvas gift Abstract Drawing Collage Mixed Media Painting Illustration Autographed signed Emanuel Ologeanu home decor