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Leo Whelan - The letter Leo Whelan, RHA (January 10, 1892 – November 6, 1956) was an Irish painter.

The Letter Leo Whelan (Irish, Oil on canvas. Painted in The Letter forms part of a select group of works executed by Whelan in which the troubles of the external world are dispelled in favour of interior reflection.

La Psyché (Mon Atelier) (1871). Alfred Stevens (Belgian, Academic, 1823-1906). Oil on panel. Thomas Colville Fine Arts. Candid views of pain...

Alfred Stevens (Belgian painter) 1823 - 1906 La Psyche (Mon Atelier) (The Psyché (My Studio)), ca. oil on panel x cm.

John Lavery, The Return from Market, c. 1884, Canvas, 118.8 x 62.3, Private Collection. NAMA has presented this painting to the National Gallery. It had been part of Mr Quinlan's collection of art. The artist was Sir John Lavery, whose wife was portrayed on Irish banknotes, when such things existed.

Return from the Market, 1884 by Sir John Lavery (Irish .although Irish, Lavery spent much of his formative life and career in Scotland and was a central figure of The Glasgow Boys.

King, Haynes (b,1831)- Letter, 1872 -2b

The Letter Haynes King (English, Oil on canvas. Coming to London from Barbados in King became a student at Leigh’s (afterwards Heatherley’s) Academy in Newman Street. He first exhibited in 1857 at the Society of British.