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Funny pictures about Sherlock Meets The Doctor. Oh, and cool pics about Sherlock Meets The Doctor. Also, Sherlock Meets The Doctor.

flyingrotten:  VOILÀ.

I love how Sherlock's the one completely freaking out and John's just like "Oh, random blue box appearing. Oh look, the door's opening. Oh, there's a man claiming to be a doctor.

I couldnt imagine what working with all three of them must be like. That would be FREAKING AWESOME!

:-) LANGUAGE <<Merlin: Lets hide this magical creature before Uther kills it and protect Arthur<< Hetalia: We are the ugly son of a bitch XD

Goddammit Microft!

"'Don't be smart, Sherlock, I'm the smart one!'" "I am the smart one." Actual five year olds Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes

How #Reichenbach should have ended.

Let's go with this instead of stinky ol' regular depressing Reichenbach.<<======= so depressing, so, so depressing

Doctor Who teaching Sherlock about the solar system!

"Sherlock, we'd like to introduce you to the Solar System. FYI, you aren't at the centre." Also, the fact that the solar system is really important to the Doctor is funny

I disagree with John having a crush on Sherlock but this is perfect otherwise

((Let's just combine these shows into one, so that we can have WhoLock. And also, the Sherlock hiatus can FINALLY end.))>> Actually there is one difference it's that in Doctor Who there running from danger while in Sherlock There running to danger.