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He's coming to put his hands on you!

He's coming to put his hands on you!

Cygnar: Warjacks I by *Mr--Jack on deviantART

Since Warmachine PRIME is out now I can finally show these; some of the Warjack illos I did for Privateer Press last year. Cygnar: Warjacks I

Fennblade Officer and Drummer #HORDES #Trollbloods #PrivateerPress #unit #miniatures #wargames

A Beginner’s Guide to … Beginning – Colour Theory Part II – Contrast and Schemes - Hand Cannon Online


Client: Privateer Press Destination: Hordes “Metamorphosis” Technique: Digital colouring All rights reserved Epic Madrak

Trollblood Scrum!!!: Extreme Rok...ready for Lock & Load!

ready for Lock & Load!

The "Colossal" for warbeasts. This thing is insane. It even has whelps spawning from its flesh. Awesome, gigantic figure. But I think my old RazorFang may still be bigger...

This model is HELLA Cool. I look forward to building a Trollbloods army around it.

"Bronzeback Titan" by Andrea Uderzo | Privateer Press : Hordes : Evolution | #Fantasy #Hordes #Creature

Client: Privateer Press Destination: Hordes: Evolution Thechnique: Digital All rights reserved Bronzeback Titan