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Another different weapon, this is a scythe and is another possible weapon inspiration.

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Weapon & Armor Concepts: These look so cool! Whoever drew these weapons is seriously awesome!

Mizael Tengu on Facebook This is a concept of the main character from one of my KnightPunk Tales. My concern is about the options A' and B'. The other palletes I made just for fun.

Darksiders II weapon concepts Hammers 1 by DawidFrederik on DeviantArt

Anthony: i like the idea of weapons being implemented in the game, these designs are really good

The Gnomon Workshop Contest - Design a weapon sheet with 20 weapons - Winner by atha, Bo Zonneveld, Bill Creative, stolarz _from The Gnomon Workshop (The Gnomon Workshop Forums > Image Challenge > images>JANUARY, WEAPON SHEET)

Weapons of FFTA - Knives by Bladedog

This weekend was the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference. Year three for me…