Brighten Up Your Morning With This Brilliant Tron Art

Brighten Up Your Morning With This Brilliant Tron Art

The latest Tron movie was a funny thing. And the game was just as funny as the movie. Forgettable content, but with art design just gorgeous to look at. Good thing we're just looking at Tron art today, then, and not playing it.

Forerunner concept art of potential portrait characters created by Elizabeth Cope.

I've been approached to do some work for the strategy game Sins of The Prophets. Here's a rough concept sheet I've had the chance to work on. concept sheet for SoTP

Georgi Simeonov was one of the main artists responsible for the look of ADAM, that incredible short film that was put together recently on the Unity Engine.

Robot Samurai

randomghost: “ ADAM by Georgi Simeonov from the great ADAM Unity demo video ”

A male Corvo from FAITH: the Sci Fi RPG. #RPG #SCIFI #Boardgame #Games

Burning Games is a board game and role playing game publisher, creators of Faith: the Sci-Fi RPG, Dragons Conquer America, and Corball.

Dead Space 2 Advance Suit Foam Build

I'm Zambi, and I'm going to try to build the Isaac Clarke's Advance Suit from Dead Space 2 out of foam.