A clever use for stale bread... and the birdies will love it!  @Pascale Lemay De Groof

DIY: Bread house for the birds! A clever use for stale bread. and the birds will love it! But it may NOT BE a very good house when BAD RAIN/SNOW weather comes,. The bread will get very wet and mushy, and it will NOT A BE A DRY SHELTER for the birds.

Mosaic rocks to dress up your garden! Pretty.

mosaic stones - gorgeous for the garden! Base is rocks mosaics stuck on with liquid nails and then grouted.

Winter knutselen | lekker snackje voor de vogeltjes

Natural Handmade Birdfeeders : Natural Bird Feeder Attract birds to your backyard with these colorful hanging bird feeder baskets made using an orange a few other simple ingredients. A perfect project for the kids!

DIY Garden Trinkets • A round-up full of great ideas and tutorials! Including, from 'art drops', this clever diy golf ball buggies project.

DIY Garden Trinkets

Golf balls painted as ladybugs.a cute idea for a garden to go with my bowling ball ladybug! Mama & her babies!

WC-rol insmeren met pindakaas en door vogeleten rollen

Spread peanut butter on an empty toilet paper tube & roll in birdseed. Slip it on a branch for an instant bird feeder. Can also use pine cone instead of toilet paper roll.

Yeye Things-eng: DO IT YEYE

rebounced his tennis ball by making a bird feeder! Clever idea for a bird feeder! Wrap twine around a tennis ball and put underneath the pan – bring the two ends of twine through the top and tie onto the tree

Vogelvoederbak van een weckpot

the garden-roof coop: DIY Chick-Feeder / Bird-Feeders. Repurpose or buy a chick-feeder- they are only about dollars at a farm supply store. Wrap copper wire (Home Depot: 66 cents/foot) around the jar to Create a hanger. Add beads for extra bling!

zo heb je snel een vrolijke mat

Spray paint a rubber door mat to give your front porch or front door a pop of color.what a cute idea! Red to match the door?