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What a beautiful horse!

"Sunwendyrain: most beautiful badger face paint horse." I love the reverse-blaze look of badger faced horses. I think sabino is responsible for the white markings. Either a flaxen chestnut or a dark palomino, though I'm leaning more towards flaxen.

Royal Command - I LOVE this horse's markings (just beautiful!!!!) but I HATE the bridle. (I just had to pin this even though he has a bit on)

Royal Command of Wentward. Wierdest but most beautiful coloring I've seen

International Striped Horse - DA Remote Control (Aka Clicker)

DA Remote Control, aka Clicker, is a Half-Arabian mare whose unusual coat pattern is the result of a somatic mutation. The pattern is not hereditable.

Ok so I might collect horses in unique colors. Hope that's cool. (Note: JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE, THAT CAPTION IS A JOKE. God I hate these self-righteous people on Pinterest that take everything out of context. Everyone that told me off for "collecting living beings": I have been an equestrian for my entire goddamn life. I know what horse stewardship entails. I would never *actually* have more horses than I could reasonably care for. You all must be exhausting at parties.)

Beautiful‘Heza Blue Tom Cat’ the only blue roan tobiano Paint Stallion in Australia

Seal Brown Roan Tobiano....never seen anything like it. Must be rare.

2011 north island stallion parade see journal for rules Seal Brown Roan Tobiano 3


I recently learned about the Buckskin Paint pony; this one is called a Buckskin Overo Paint

Resultado de imagen para caballo ruano azulado

Beautiful- Rocky Mountain Horse gelding, Little Joe. This funky, fabulous, and rare color is chocolate roan. Silver dapple and roan genes acting on a black coat.

pintaloosa - the combination of Appaloosa and Pinto spotting patterns on the same horse. This combination is rare, but does occur from time to time.

About: he is a fighter and is very brave, he was bullied from his coloring, he can be wary at first but will shine quickly and is very loyal to his friends and his mate if he had one. He loves adventure. No mate