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Katia Chausheva

Poetic Green hotwatercolor: take some more tea. by Katia Chausheva

Piet Mondrian - Upright Chrysanthemum (1901)......simply amazing. I like how the picture has a grey tone to it to make it seem more dark.

colourthysoul: Piet Mondrian - Upright Chrysanthemum and hes a pisces, the best ppl are, just sayin ;

PH: Katia Chausheva.

'day by day, a story of the hebrides and other scottish islands and occasional other little places, in little tiny square photographs by donnie mackay, isle of skye'

"Modern men and women are journeying through the dark labyrinth of their own souls. In spite of the pain and terror involved, the archetype of the way lures them; they yearn to bring the unconscious to consciousness. Penetrating into that tunnel of death and potential rebirth demands supreme effort, tenaciously holding on with no conscious orientation until a light shines in the darkness." ~Marion Woodman | Photo: Oer-Wout ..*

It seems like it is in my dreams that i can sometimes see the most clearly. Maybe it is the reduced distractions of Real Life 's screams for attention? (Stunning Photography by Oer-Wout)

Gorgeous medicinal herb/weed, shepherd's purse, with it's lovely, heart-shaped seed pods.  Photo by magdalena wasiczek

Medicinal herb/weed, Shepherd's Purse, with it's lovely, heart-shaped seed pods. Photo by magdalena wasiczek

love is in the air...

Stollen Kiss-Ron Hicks American painter Impressionism This is probably one of my new favorite paintings. The Kiss Keka❤❤❤